SoulQuest Journey

A two-session exploration of your life's purpose

      The SoulQuest is a journey into your uniqueness.  The Quest is a burrowing down into your depths where you encounter soul, which depth psychologist Bill Plotkin describes as, “The deepest core of your human nature, the reason spirit has taken shape as you, and the essence of your specific life purpose.”   

     There are many paths and practices that support the journey of soul encounter.  Nature-based practices are among the most powerful.   The SoulQuest Journey is designed to support exploration of your specific life purpose. The Wednesday evening meeting prepares you for the journey.  The “threshold stage” of the SoulQuest is a day of intense exploration of your soul’s path on Mt. Tamalpais.  The program ends with a circle of “incorporation” when questers return from their solo day on the mountain.

      If you have heard the calling to deepen your recognition and embodiment of your life’s purpose, the SoulQuest Journey can be the catalyst you seek.  Your guide will support your exploration as you dive deep into the center of your being.  Come join a community of people who are also questing for a more soulcentric way of life.   

  • Mark a new period of your life by undertaking a wilderness rite of passage ceremony.
  • Return to the inner source to clarity a life situation, to seek healing, or to mark a transition from one stage of life to another.
  • Enact an ancient journey of solitude and renewal in wild nature.
  • Discover your soul's core purpose in the context of a supportive community.

Some questions you will ask yourself during this program:
  • What is my place in the world? 
  • Who are my people?
  • Who am I in my depths?
  • What is my purpose?


1) SEVERANCE:  The severance stage is about taking some time apart from your everyday life to devote your attention to the underworld journey.  The prepratory Wednesday evening meeting is designed to help you break loose your moorings from ways of being that are holding you back from fulfilling your purpose.  As poet David Whyte writes, "Anything that doesn't bring you fully alive, is too small for you."  During the prep meeting you will identify those areas of life that are not bringing you fully alive, and make commitments to letting them go. The prep meeting is highly experiential.  There will be a time devoted to support your preparation for descent to soul.

2) THESHOLD:  The Theshold period is held in wild nature on Mt. Tamalpais in Marin Country.  The day begins with a circle of intention: where each Quester reveals their deepest longings for their Quest.  The bulk of the day is spent in solitude: solitude from human company, civilization, distractions, etc.  This solo time is a focused and intense period where you will concentrate on "Alternate Ways of Knowing", ways of receiving communications from soul, such as: images, symbols, flashes of insight, metaphor, cross-species-communications, emotions, energetic shifts, etc.

3) INCORPORATION: At the end of the day you return from you solo sit-spot to join the incorporation circle.  Here you will get to share your experience from the Threshold period of your Quest.  Having your experience mirrored back to you will help clarify and deepen your experience.  Optional Integral Mentoring sessions can further support your incorporation time.

For a more thorough description of what it means to inhabit your ultimate place and act from your soul, please read  the ariticle The Wild Human by depth psychologist Bill Plotkin.
SoulQuest Journey - July 2015

Prep Meeting:                              
July 29 from 6:30pm-9:15pm
San Francisco  PLUS

SoulQuest:  Saturday August 1st, 9am-8pm
Mt. Tampalpais in Marin County


1 prep meeting: July 29  6:30pm-9:15pm  (San Francisco)
Daylong: Saturday August 1st, 9am-8pm  (Mt. Tam, Marin County)
Cost: $239

How to Register:
1.  Your $239 payment will save your spot on the Quest.
2.  Once you register, you'll receive a welcome email that includes a "welcome packet" to help you prepare for the Quest.

Refund Policy: 
7 days before the quest: full refund (minus $50)
6 or less days before the quest: no refunds or transfer.