Why Integral Mentoring?  

  • You want to live a purposeful life, a life of significance.  For as long as you can remember, you have felt an intense yearning to live a larger life, a larger story.  

  • You want to be sparked, ignited, and inspired to live a purpose-centered existence.  

  • You want to make a difference in the world, to recognize your deepest world-transforming gifts, to contribute to cultural transformation and the evolution of our society.  

The key to living your life purpose is to embody the life of your soul.   Bill Plotkin (a depth psychologist and wilderness guide) describes soul as, “The deepest core of your human nature, the reason spirit has taken shape as you, and the essence of your specific life purpose.”   

Embodiment of your life-purpose gives the deepest possible meaning to your existence: a sense of true place, true efficacy, and true purpose.  Integral Mentoring offers you a framework to support your spiritual journey towards a soul-centered life.  This journey culminates in your ability to take your rightful place in the world, and occupy the niche you were born to inhabit.

The Invitation

What is your Purpose Thread?  You have a unique thread that was meant to be woven into the fabric of life.  Your individual thread is composed of your unique gifts.  True belonging is only experienced when your thread becomes consciously embroidered into life.  

When you embody your purpose, you support evolutionary purpose: the creative, intelligent unfolding of life in this universe.  The embracing of your life’s purpose occurs in eight steps.

The 8 Steps of Living a Life of Purpose:

1.  Understanding the meaning of soul-purpose.
2.  Hearing (the call) to a higher purpose
3.  Clarifying which of the stages of soul-centric development you are in.
4.  Dialogue with five internal sub-personalities that create unnecessary obstacles
5.  Habits: Address the habits that obscure your purpose  
6.  Comprehension of the multiple facets of purpose, including: essence, blessings, objective, lesson, and delivery system.
7.  Encounter five techniques for discovering your purpose. 
8.  Embody the information that you have gathered from steps 1-7 and live a purpose-centered life.

Stories of Transformation…

Jonathan’s authority and gift as a teacher comes from exhaustive personal experience and study and a complete, heartfelt commitment to supporting all of us to grow more 
fully into an integral life.  –Leone Neal

Jonathan’s purpose-discovery work is an amazing gift I wish for every human.  He is indeed a whole person midwife.  Please give yourself the gift of working with him.  –Brandon Peele

I was incredibly touched by Jonathan’s teachings.  As a Certified Curmudgeon with Somewhat Cynical proclivities it is always a great surprise when something meets or exceeds its billing.  –David Newell

Integral Mentoring was an absolutely essential and ground-breaking tool for me in finding my Life Purpose!  Bottom line: It works!  I have discovered deeper and deeper layers of this mystery, thanks to Jonathan's thoughtful, wise and brilliant guidance.  –Clare Cleveland

Join Jonathan and explore any (or all) of these dimensions of your life: 
  • Purpose  
  • Relationships 
  • Creating Balance 
  • Learning Integral/Evolutionary/Soulcentric Spirituality
  • Meditation

Jonathan is wonderfully skilled in the art of guiding people to discover 
and embody their unique life purpose.  There are few things I appreciate 
more than good teaching, and so I enthusiastically recommend 
Jonathan's work with people. Jonathan is a person of great integrity, 
from whom I am ever learning. 
– Joanna Macy, Author, Coming Back to Life.

Some Integral Mentoring Tools:
  • Completing unfinished business from earlier life stages  
  • Giving up distractions/addictions  
  • Learning to choose Authenticity over Social Acceptance  
  • The Death Lodge Ceremony
  • Voice Dialogue
  • Identifying Ego Blocks 
  • Soulcentric Meditation and Dreamwork
  • Deep Imagery + Dialogues with Nature
  • Jungian Journal Work
  • Integral Awakening Process 

Jonathan's teachings are coherent, clear, concise, and grateful.  
He is always striving to incorporate more truth, and to embrace and
 midwife the awakening of more and more of the whole person.
            - Terry Patten, co-author, Integral Life Practice

Are you content to live as a thwarted, inhibited version of yourself?

How can you know your purpose and place in this lifetime? 

How can you awaken to the Oneness: the Spirit that moves through all things?  

What if your spiritual life is actually composed of two complementary paths: a transcendent dimension of Oneness, plus a second dimension where you experience your soul's core purpose?

6 Reasons why you should walk the path of Integral Awakening
1. To walk the path of your greatest fulfillment while serving the evolution of life.
2. To remember the mystical image you were born with.
3. To draw close to the mystery.
4. To recognize your deepest purpose-centered response to the call of our times.
5. To become an agent of cultural transformation and an evolutionary midwife.
6. To wake up (to the Timeless Dimension of enlightenment) and grow up (to your Life Purpose.)

An Invitation for you:
Integral Mentoring is for people who want to live the larger story of their whole beings.  Are you ready to engage in a process that will support you to live a life of awakened, joyous, soulful existence?   
Integral Mentoring is designed to evoke a life-shifting experience.  Sign up for your session now.    

Jonathan Gustin, is the founder of Green Sangha and the Integral Awakening Center.   He has been teaching his Integral Awakening Group for the past 12 years, where he has guided 300+ meetings.  He is a purpose guide, integral mentor, psychotherapist and spiritual teacher. Jonathan is the author of the (forthcoming) book, Three Worlds, One Life. He teaches primarily in the San Francisco Bay Area and is available for one-to-one support through phone sessions.

San Rafael / Monday 
San Francisco / Tues & Wed
Phone Sessions / Thur & Fri

Sessions Length: 50 minutes