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IAC was founded to support people
to live from wholeness.

THE CENTER: Integral Awakening Center is a Bay Area teaching and practice center for the exploration of spiritual awakening and finding one's life purpose.  IAC offers individual and  group sessions to support adults to live the "triple treasure of life": the integration of soul, spirit and ego, for the benefit of all beings.

OUR PHILOSOPHY:  All Integral Awakening Center programs grow out of the "3 Worlds Model of Consciousness":
Middle World - Ego
Integrating the many facets of the personality requires identifying and owning negative and positive shadow aspects of our everyday selves.

Lower World – Soul Purpose & Evolutionary Awakening
Finding one's life purpose requires a dive inside (incendence), a journey of descent in which we discover our gifts for the world. 
  • From the perspective of an individual, we call this exploration Soul Discovery or Purpose Work.
  • From the perspective of the mysterious impulse that initiated all creation, we call this journey: Evolutionary Awakening.

Upper World – Spirit/Enlightenment
Transcendence of the “small self” is experienced as a “change in occupancy” from the everyday world of the personality/ego, to a timeless dimension where we see, as if from on high a mountaintop, the Vastness of who we are.