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Integral Evolutionary Palooza


“The challenge before us,” says Thomas Berry, “the historical mission of our times, is to reinvent the human – at the species level.”  We come together to deepen our understanding of what this reinvention means, to deepen our collaboration and catalyze cultural transformation. This development is now imperative, because the lives of all species are hanging in the balance.

Integral Evolutionary Palooza (IEP) is founded on three conceits:
1. There are individuals who can (at least for moments) activate the integral level of consciousness.
2. There are more integral groups in the Bay Area than anywhere else on Earth.
3. It is the responsibility and privilege of these individuals and groups to catalyze a shift in the way humans live, so that all life on Earth can evolve, and that all humans can one day wake up to the fact that we are Evolution waking up to itself.
Sat. Nov. 5, 2011


Unitarian Universalist Church, 1187 Franklin St, SF

Wondering What These Crazy Words Mean?

Integral = entire, complete, whole, living from the totality of our being: Heart, Body, Mind, Soul, Evolution and Enlightenment.

Evolutionary = pertaining to development, tapping into the energy and intelligence that initiated all of creation.

Palooza = exaggerates or emphasizes an element of a situation.

Integral + Evolutionary + Palooza = A concentrated day exploring
integral-evolutionary, theory, practice & community.  At the IEP participants experience an intense blast of integral-evolutionary energy through exposure to 19 teachers and 30 organizations all in one day!
Fifteen teachers, four minutes each, answer this question: “How can we as integral-evolutionary individuals and communities become agents of cultural transformation", followed by a 30 minute "collective intelligence" or "we-space" group engagement  between the marathon teachers.
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Craig Hamilton
Sally Kempton
Terry Patten
Jonathan Gustin
Drew Dellinger
Four teachers addressing the Year 1 theme
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Anodea Judith
Duane Elgin
Saniel Bonder
Linda Groves-Bonder
Allan Combs
Rob Schwartz
Mark Fabionar
Alicia Stammer
Stuart Moody
Mike Wombacher
Lisa Chacon
Trathen Heckmen
We will gather in one meta-sangha daylong to co-explore how we can create a truly integral-evolutionary culture in the Bay Area.

How can we as integral-evolutionary individuals and communities become agents of cultural transformation?
"To establish a viable situation for the earth community requires a transition from the Cenozoic to what might be termed the Ecozoic period of earth history.  (The Ecozoic is a newly invented term; a possible designation for the newly emerging period.)  The Cenozoic is that period of evolution of the living systems of the earth that has developed over these past 65 million years…and which are now so severely damaged that they are no longer capable of continuing their successive waves of creativity.  

Yet neither Earth history nor human history is concluded.  There is a future that is taking shape.  A movement toward the healing of the earth can now be observed.  As we rewrite the story of the past and consider the realities of the present, we have already begun the shaping of the future.  The Ecozoic is the emerging period of the integral life community." 
-- Thomas Berry
Living at the leading edge of consciousness, amongst the highest concentration of integral groups on the planet, can we actually make a difference for the planet?  Can we apply integral-evolutionary thinking to the task of ushering in the Ecozoic age?  We believe the answer is yes!
    We are each a part of the emerging “integral life community.”  It is our generation’s task to help bring that future integral community into existence. We are all potent agents who can help midwife the new Ecozoic epoch into reality.
    The aim of the Integral Evolutionary Palooza is to awaken together at the level of integral community to both the insights and actions required to bring about this new wave of history.
Michael Dowd
Want your organization to be a part of the event? Get a table, and be included in the online and paper version of the integral-evolutionary directory.  Email us a 50 word description along with your website address to jonathangustin@hotmail.com
Integral Living & Leadership Institute
Integral Awakening Center
East Bay Open Circle
Bay Area
Integral Enlightenment
Creativity Camera
Integral Sacramento
Buddhist Peace Fellowship
the Bay
Sustainable World Coalition

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During lunch and breaks, visit the tables of 30 local integral evolutionary groups.  Meet the members, make friends, hatch plans and revolutions!
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