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Life Purpose For Smart People
Embody your soul-stirring, life-changing Purpose today!

When: Tuesday June 30, 20157pm-9:30pm
Cost: By Donation

What you'll receive: 1. Answers to this question, "In relationship to my Purpose, what are my Values, Vision, Powers, Essence, Offering, Task, Message and Delivery System?"
2. A completed Purpose Statement blueprint.

​Where:  At Impact Hub Oakland, at 2323 Broadway St. Upon completing registration you will receive a FREE gift: the Purpose Octagon by Jonathan Gustin.)


Far too often, you find yourself just going through the motions, trying to get through the day. You find that you can no longer ignore the gap between the life you're currently living and the life you could be living.

Perhaps, like so many others you have felt...

  • You're capable of taking your career to the next level but struggle to find the courage and confidence to unleash your creative potential.
  • That the world requires all of our creative gifts to face the global challenges before us, yet you get overwhelmed even thinking about where to begin.

Does this describe you? You are serious about personal growth and are determined to make the world a better place. You feel a strong calling to step up your game with increased authenticity and courage to initiate transformations both personal and planetary. But you find yourself without a map, in uncharted territory, looking for a clear pathway.

The pathway to both personal and planetary transformation is: learning to recognize the 8 Facets of your Life Purpose.  So what is Life Purpose, your unique calling?

​What is your unique calling?

You are meant to occupy a unique calling in this lifetime. You were born to engage a very particular niche in the ecology of life. Just as every species has its unique environment, you too have a habitat for which you were intended. The habitat I speak of isn't primarily physical, rather, its the terrain of your life purpose that is calling you to occupy it.

The ache in the center of your being is to live in accordance with your purpose. What you want more than anything is a sense of belonging to life, belonging to a higher purpose. It is through communion with your Purpose that your personal life and work life are brought to a higher octave.

Purpose work is a descent into your deep mysterious interior. Purpose work is a dive into your incarnate uniqueness. Purpose work is initiated by your longing to live a larger life and by the desire to make the world a better place.

Purpose work is the profound act of letting your life speak. Purpose work is the proven path for disclosing your life calling.

For thousands of years humans have sought their innermost purpose. While a few of have succeeded, many more have left this life without having recognized the fullness of their deepest calling. Why is that? Why are so few people able to fully embody their purpose?

Two obstacles to knowing your purpose.

Obstacle #1: Finding your soul's purpose is difficult to do by yourself.
Solution: Seek a purpose centered community for support.
>  Let's face it, the journey to living your purpose isn't always easy. First, we need guidance to learn the techniques of discovering purpose . Then, we'll need help in understanding what we've learned through our discoveries. Finally, we need support to courageously live the truth of what we've learned about our purpose.

Obstacle #2: We fear what we might hear if we were to listen.
Solution:  Addressing the fears regarding finding your purpose.
>  Recognizing your true purpose sounds exciting at first. But then the doubts soon arrive: "Will I like my purpose?", "Am I worthy of my purpose?", "Is it safe to live my purpose out in the open?", "Will living my purpose cause me to go broke or lose important relationships?" These fears can be addressed in ways that produce a win-win for all the parts of you.

If the problem is feeling like you are not living up to your potential, and the solution to this problem is living from your purpose, then, is there a practical path that could help?  Yes!


Life Purpose For Smart People is a seminar that offers you a framework to support your journey towards a purpose-centered life. This journey culminates in your ability to take your rightful place in the world, and occupy the niche you were born to inhabit. Come learn the 8 essential facets of your unique Life Purpose on Tuesday June 30th.

By the end of this fast-paced seminar you will leave with the following:
1.  Key answers about you place, your niche in the world: "In relationship to my Purpose, what are my Values, Vision, Powers,  Essence, Offering, Task, Message and Delivery System?"
2.  A completed Purpose Statement blueprint.

Would gaining all these answers be worth a couple hours of your time?

Jonathan is wonderfully skilled in the art of guiding people to discover 
and embody their unique life purpose. There are few things I appreciate 
more than good teaching, and so I enthusiastically recommend 
Jonathan's work with people. Jonathan is a person of great integrity, 
from whom I am ever learning.     
– Joanna Macy, Author, Coming Back to Life.

Jonathan's teachings are coherent, clear, concise, and graceful.
He is always striving to incorporate more truth, and to embrace and 
  midwife the awakening of more and more of the whole person.   
   –Terry Patten, co-author, Integral Life Practice

Come join the adventure on Tuesday June 30th!

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